Packmate Group is a value-added manufacturer and supplier of high quality packaging equipment. We are the trusted supplier to the world's leading food & agriculture industry and institutions.

The Packmate Difference

What sets Packmate at the pinnacle of the packaging equipment market is its commitment to excellence in both technology and service.

We apply Kaizen philosophy to our daily practice, "no matter how small it is, it got to be improved" as we believed that packaging professionals should be held to the same high standards for engineering and performance as aviation and automotive.

We are a network of thinkers and tailors

We build our client's confidence in making the right choice from our comprehensive range of products based on our deep understanding of the packaging needs of different markets. We offer practical guidance on how to satisfy them, and where appropriate, we can customise to fit complex requirements, however unique.

We develop unparalleled user experience

Many of our deepest client relationships have been with start-up companies who transformed into a powerhouse in their industries. This tradition of support, caring, trust, respect, and interdependence among our colleagues and clients continues to motivate us today.